Peeq History - Établissement du Peeq

Although invented thousands of years ago, the sunglasses market is broken.

Sunglasses are now the world's most popular accessory, protecting people's eyes everywhere. 

Currently more than a billion pairs of sunglasses are sold every year representing $15-Billion. 

Yet the market is dominated by a few companies who control 100 brands and 80% of the market.

Brief History of Sunglasses Followed by the History of Peeq

History of Peeq


Raffi Holzer Attends UPenn to Complete his Masters of Engineering and Begins Conceptualizing Reversible Sunglasses


Manufacturing of Initial Prototypes and First Media Coverage in Business Insider


Significant Research & Development into Feasibility of Reversible Sunglasses and Granting of United States Patent


Peeq Engages Large Manufacturing Partner in Order to Refine Reversible Glasses and Prepare for Mass Manufacturing


Peeq Continues Research & Development and Closes Financing Round and Begins Conversations with Potential Partners Including Successful Vision Expo


Peeq Finalizes Successful Manufacturing of Several Styles and Grows Team of "Peeqers" Including Influencers and Global Ambassadors

Peeq has spent 5 years researching and developing the most innovative sunglasses ever

Successful Commercialization of the World's 1st Reversible Sunglasses

Peeq is rapidly growing its Team of "Peeqers" including a growing list of influencers and brand ambassadors. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch!